About Rhonda

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Most of my life I appeared to have everything together. A great career, beautiful clothes, travels abroad and a man by my side. However, appearances were deceiving. On the inside, I was a festering sore. Experiences left me filled with anger and bitterness forcing me to pretend to be someone I wasn’t. It began at the age of seventeen, being kick started by the murder of my father, which changed the course of my life.

Now forty years later, in hindsight, I realize most of my life has been guided by the fear of exposure as well as the ever-present fear of death. In reality, I had fallen prey to  thoughts and worries, all of which molded my mind into believing such lies.

The stories I will share have happened to me. I’m hoping as you read about my life it will cause you to reflect on your own. The old saying “hindsight is 20/20” certainly is true. A rear view mirror can allow one to see with clarity if you don’t fall into the trap of guilt and shame. I had to learn that lesson as well.

The question is can you learn from your mistakes and not continue to wallow in the same ones? I finally found joy when I learned to like me just the way I was designed. Besides, pretending wore me out. Are you tired? Do you feel you need to wear a disguise to masquerade the truth? Do anxious thoughts consume you all the time making you feel less than adequate?

If that’s you, I invite you to journey down the road that led me from a dark world into the light when I removed the veil of deception from my eyes.

What if You Could Turn Fear Into Faith?

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We all can fall into the trap of fearing what we "see" instead of trusting in the faith we "know" despite our best efforts and intentions ... especially when circumstances are difficult or situations don't happen as we hoped. Our brief quiz will help you identify where you might be struggling in the battlefield of your mind.