“Hindsight is a page turner of memories, shared to help us find our way into and out of our own stories. for within our chapters are misconceptions and lies that continue to influence us today. Also, within them is the potential for life liberating truth. Think about it, childhood is the foundation of who we are, so if it was wobbly, so goes our lives. Rhonda has risked much to tell her story that she might continue to heal and leave a path for others to do the same.”

Patsy Clairmont

Author and Speaker

"It’s not often that one finds a woman who brings complete delight to any room. I have had the opportunity to serve with Rhonda in a leadership capacity for a Titus 2 ministry for several years as she mentors and teaches young mothers. Her friendliness and genuine care for women is extraordinary. Her spirit is affectionate and constant. There is a calling on her life that is unmatched. She is engaging, witty and charismatic with a sweet way of tenderly weaving God’s love in and through any topic, capturing and softening the hearts of both believers and seekers. She is humble, faithful, and genuine always seeking Jesus first. It is evident that she walks in prayerful obedience. After hearing her, you will leave with a sense and feel of what it truly means to have Jesus’ love shine through you. It is contagious to all she meets!"

Heather Houle`

Co-founder of MUM life ministries

I have had the pleasure of hearing Rhonda Madge speak several times; both in large and small group settings.  Every time, I walk away feeling filled and inspired.  Rhonda has a way of delivering her message so it comes across as not only genuine, but personal for the listener.  She shares her own story so beautifully - with a mix of honesty and humor - and ties it into the subject matter at hand and scripture.  She is simply one of my favorites!

Annie Shipman

Leader, Mum Life

Church of the City, Franklin TN

In April of 2017, our church hosted our annual Ladies Day Out banquet. Finding the right speaker was very important, as it was the highlight of the event. We were blessed to have Rhonda Taylor Madge as our guest speaker. The Lord is surely using her life testimony to bring honor to His name. She communicates with her audience so easily. Even though a crowd was present, I felt as if she was speaking directly to me. I heard this same type of response from others.

I believe any group would be overjoyed to have her as their guest speaker. She relates to people from all walks of life. There was realness about her that I found so refreshing, as she conveyed emotions that brought me right into her story. One minute I was crying and the next laughing. Most of all, her message is full of hope for those of us who have had a past filled with self-failure.

I was uplifted and rejuvenated spiritually. Her message had a lasting effect on my life. I can’t wait to hear her again.

Julia Wolfe

Dover TN

Women's Ministries


What if You Could Turn Fear Into Faith?

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